Authentic Used Amish Wooden Buggy and Wagon Wheels


Discover the Timeless Charm of These Authentic Used Amish Buggy and Wagon Wheels

These remarkable used buggy and wagon wheels are from the heart of Ohio’s farming community, where the Amish way of life still thrives.

Each wheel carries the rhythm of horse-drawn buggies and the spirit of hardworking families.

Welcome to our Authentic Used Amish Buggy and Wagon Wheels!

Sizes Vary, Stories Unfold

  • Our used Amish buggy and wagon wheels stand tall, ranging 38″ from the front of the buggy and to 42″ from the back.
  • When finalizing your purchase, you may indicate your preferred size in the customer notes section. We strive to fulfill all size requests, but please note that due to inventory constraints, we cannot guarantee size availability.
  • Whether it graced the front or rear of an Amish buggy, it bears the marks of countless miles on country roads.
  • Each wheel arrives with its own unique character, a testament to its journey.
Amish Wares Inventory of Used Buggy and Wagon Wheels
Inventory of Used Buggy and Wagon Wheels at Amish Wares

The Stock Buggy Wheels Photos Unveiled

Behold the weathered beauty! Our stock photos above capture the essence of these used Amish buggy and wagon wheels. Picture small stone chips, rusty iron rims, and a gentle layer of back road dirt. The black paint, once pristine, now peels gracefully—a visual memoir of time’s passage.

Amish Craftsmanship That Defies Generations

These used Amish wagon wheels are no ordinary relics. They’re crafted from steam bent hickory, a wood that bends without breaking, much like the Amish spirit. Iron bands hold them together, ensuring longevity. Imagine the hands that shaped them, the same hands that tilled the fields and cared for the land.

Endless Possibilities for Your Space: Ideas to Ignite Your Creativity

  • Yard Décor: Lean a wagon wheel against a tree or fence, letting it evoke nostalgia and rustic charm.
  • Country Porch Accent: Hang a wheel above your porch swing or near the entrance. It welcomes guests with a touch of authenticity.
  • Driveway Statement: Place a wheel at the end of your drive, inviting curiosity and admiration.
  • Functional Art: Use it as a base for tables, chandeliers, or pot hangers in your rustic kitchen. Let it tell stories during family gatherings.
  • Floral Trellis: Train climbing flowers around the spokes. Watch blooms weave their magic through history.

A Journey Back in Time

Our authentic Amish buggy wheels are more than decorative pieces—they’re portals to a bygone era. Imagine the clip-clop of hooves, the laughter of children, and the steadfast resolve of a community rooted in tradition. Each one whispers secrets of the past, waiting to become part of your story.

Bring home a piece of Amish heritage. Let these buggy wheels spin tales of resilience, family bonds, and the enduring beauty of simplicity.

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