Traditional Handmade Amish Girl and Boy Doll Set


Traditional handmade Amish girl and boy doll, approximately 15″each. Handmade by the Ohio Amish on the old-fashioned treadle sewing machine. Arms and legs swivel for adjustment. Clothes are replication of authentic Amish clothing and are made by the Amish using snaps. A childs best friend. A wonderful accessory to complete your home décor. Colors may vary, please specify if you have a preference.

Traditional Handmade Amish Girl and Boy Doll Set, Approximately 15″ Tall Each. Handmade By the Ohio Amish on the Old-fashioned Treadle Sewing Machine. Arms and Legs Swivel for Adjustment. Clothes Are Replication of Authentic Amish Clothing and Are Made By the Amish Using Snaps. A Child’s Best Friend. A Wonderful Accessory to Complete Your Home Decor. Colors May Vary but the Set Will Match. (SKU-DAR-ADS)

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