Tea Cart Replacement Wheel Axle


Upgrade your tea cart with our Amish crafted tea cart replacement wheel axle.

Designed to fit our wheels and yours, this wooden axle ensures smooth rolling and adds an authentic touch to your tea cart!

For complete details including measurements see description below.

Tea Cart Replacement Wheel Axle

This tea cart replacement wheel axle is made from wood and metal. In addition, it’s a crucial component for maintaining your tea cart.

Here Are the Axle Details:

  • Wood Measurements: 1″ x 1″ x 16 3/8″
  • Overall Length (including metal shafts): 21 5/8″
  • Steel Shaft Rod Diameter: 5/16″
  • Product Name: Tea Cart Wheel Axle
  • SKU: 189-TCWA

This tea cart replacement wheel axle ensures the smooth functioning of your tea cart, allowing it to roll effortlessly. Whether you’re restoring an antique tea cart or need a replacement part for a modern one, this axle is a reliable choice.

For guidance on replacing your tea cart axle, please see the detailed instructions below.

Amish Maple Tea Cart Wheel
This Amish unstained wooden tea cart wheel is available in 4 hardwood choices allowing you to match them with your existing tea cart.

Elevate Your Tea Cart Experience with Our Amish Handmade Wooden Wheels

Wooden Tea Cart Wheels: Craftsmanship Meets Functionality

Discover the timeless beauty and functionality of our Amish Handmade Wooden Tea Cart Wheels. Whether you’re restoring an antique tea cart or enhancing a modern one, these wheels are Amish craftsmanship and authenticity.

Key Features:

  • Generous Diameter: With a size of 14 1/2 inches, in other words, these wheels make a fabulous statement on your tea cart. For instance, imagine the elegance they’ll add to your afternoon tea gatherings or garden parties.
  • Intricate Design: The wheel’s eight decorative spokes create an intricate pattern reminiscent of traditional Amish craftsmanship. Similarly, each spoke tells a story of dedication and skill.
  • Rubber Tire Rim: Not only beautiful but also practical—the rubber tire rim ensures smooth rolling across various surfaces. Your tea cart will glide effortlessly, whether indoors or outdoors.

Instructions for installing the Tea Cart Replacement Wheel Axle is a straightforward process.

Here are the steps to guide you through the tea cart axle installation:

  1. Remove the Old Axle:
    • If you haven’t already, remove the old or damaged axle from your tea cart. For instance, this may involve disassembling part of the cart to access the wheel hub.
  2. Prepare the New Axle:
    • Take the new replacement axle (SKU# 189-TCWA) and ensure it’s clean and free from any debris.
    • In addition, check that the steel shaft rod (5/16″ diameter) fits snugly inside the tea cartwheel hub.
  3. Insert the New Axle:
    • Align the wooden portion of the axle with the holes in the wheel hub.
    • After that, make sure the axle is centered and straight.
  4. Secure the Axle:
    • If your tea cart has retaining clips or washers, slide them onto the steel shaft rod on both sides of the wheel hub.
    • After that, tighten any nuts or bolts that secure the axle in place. Use an appropriate wrench or pliers.
  5. Test the Wheel:
    • Give the wheel a gentle spin to ensure it rotates smoothly without wobbling.
    • If needed, adjust the axle position or tighten the fasteners further.
  6. Reassemble the Tea Cart:
    • Put back any components you removed during disassembly (e.g., side panels, spokes, etc.).
    • Make sure everything is securely in place.
  7. Check for Proper Alignment:
    • Ensure that the tea cart sits level and the wheels are aligned correctly.
    • If needed, further adjust the axle.
  8. Test the Cart:
    • Push the cart around to verify that the wheel moves freely and doesn’t bind.
    • After that, if everything looks good, you’re all set!

In conclusion

Remember to follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer or any additional details related to your particular tea cart model. Enjoy your smoothly rolling tea cart with the new replacement axle!

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