Stainless Steel Safety Retention Rail System Bracket Clip Snow Guard


Standing Seam Metal Roofing Snow and Ice Stainless Steel Safety Retention Rail System Bracket Clip with 4 Stainless set screws. Helps keep snow and ice from crashing down and damaging property or people.

The four set screws mount the Snow Guard securely to the upright rib without penetrating the expensive steel (no holes). Rail not included.

Your roofing contractor can bend and install matching color rails that match your roof and slides through the Snap Guard. This is a patented design that is manufactured by Amish Wares.

With the heavy duty stainless steel design, you should never need to worry about rust.

You are buying 1 single bracket.

The Snap Guards should be mounted on every rib in a single line across the roof. For steeper pitch and longer length roofs, multiple lines of the Snap Guards and rails should be installed. Your local contractor can assist with that decision.

We also carry snow guards for regular roofing made of stainless steel and power coated to match your roof.

The total length of the flat top bracket is 5″, 13/16″ is bottom width without screws, and 1 5/16″ at tallest point of fin.


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