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Barn Star made with galvanized metal to prevent rusting. Amish handmade. Your source for heavy duty metal tin barn stars and primitive style stars for your country crafts and home and garden décor.

About Nautical Barn Star

Nautical Barn Stars are made with galvanized metal in order to prevent rusting.  Amish handmade.  Your source for heavy-duty metal tin barn stars.  Primitive style barn stars for your home and garden country decor.  American handcrafted and made in the USA!  Heavy duty 22-gauge handmade galvanized metal tin rustic barn star, painted in solid or rustic paint coverage.

Our Nautical Barn Stars are made for outdoor use.¬† Consequently, rust won’t run down the side of your building because they are galvanized.¬† The stars are perfect for indoor use as well.¬† Hand-painted stars begin with an industrial coat of primer.¬† Additionally, they are topped with a couple of coats of severe weather exterior paint.

A Little More

All Nautical Barn Stars in 10-inch, 16-inch and 24-inch are spot welded together, so no assembly is required.  Sizes 32-inch, 40-inch, 53-inch, 72-inch, 96-inch, and 120-inch require quick and easy assembly.  The metal stars arrive in 5 separate wings.  To assemble stars, simply lay the wings on top of each other, insert the provided screws into the holes and attach the nuts on the back.

Important Information

In order to assist with hanging, a hanging bracket is spot welded on the back of the top tip of the 10-, 16-, 24-, 32-, 40-, and 53-inch Nautical Barn Stars.  The welded tab, however, should not be solely relied upon to hold the weight of the star, so keep this in mind.

We can drill holes in the tips of your stars at your request.  Holes will be drilled in the tips of the 72-, 96-, and 120- inch stars for attachment onto a surface.  We paint your star to order.  Your star will need a few days to cure.  Therefore, that means one to two weeks shipping time in order to get a quality star.

In summary, this galvanized Nautical Barn Star will be a great addition to your home, yard, or country décor.  Metal stars, in short, are a nice house warming gift.

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