Hickory Hames Cane


Hickory Hames Cane / Walking Stick Amish Handmade with Favorite Hame handle Heavy Duty. The Favorite Hame (Hames)tip used as a top handle for this cane or walking stick. 8″long Hame with a 2″ball either in polished silver or brass color. The hame is not perfectly round. It fits and feels great in the hand. The Hame is fitted to a Hickory stick that is gathered from Ohio Hickory trees by the Old Order Amish. The wood is dried and prepared. The walking stick cane is varnished to preserve it for years to come. The bottom of the cane is fitted with a rubber cup to assist against slipping. No two canes are alike. The ones that are pictured are samples only. Your cane / walking stick will have it’s own unique qualities.

The making of a Hickory Hames Cane

Hickory Hames Cane / Walking Stick Amish Hand made with a Favorite or a Minto Hames handle. The cane is heavy duty.  The Favorite or Minto Hames tip used as a top handle for these canes or walking sticks are 8″ long with a 2″ ball either in polished silver or brass color. A Hickory tree supplies the wood used in the cane.

Please indicate whether you would like a favorite or Minto handle as well as brass or silver for the ball. If no selection is made, a random cane will be sent.

What is a Hames handle

the Hickory Hames cane handle comes in brass or chrome plated. Also available in favorite Hames handle or Minto Hames handle. Hames are the brass pieces on the top of a horse harness. They make wonderful cane handles that are as beautiful as they are functional. They are made of solid brass and either chrome plated or polished brass. The “Favorite Hames cane handle” is the most popular and are larger than the “Minto Hames cane handle”. The Favorite Hames tip is 8″ long with a 2 1/8″ diameter ball and has a 1 1/8″ ID hole. The favorite ball is a little oblong and fits in the palm of your hand perfectly. The Minto Hames ball is more of a round sphere. The Hickory Hames cane is fully assembled.

A little history

In the early days on the frontier, farmers used horses for plowing the fields until the tractor came along. The horse would wear a horse collar that would give more comfort and allow more weight to be distributed while it was attached to a wagon or plough. Attached to the collar was wood or metal curved Hames. There were metal round Hames handles that were attached to the top of the Hames. These tips are what we use to place on some of our canes. Thus, a Hickory Hames cane handle.

The Amish communities still use horses as early farmers did. You can see them in the fields plowing the earth and hand planting vegetables by hand. The horse collars are still used with the shinny Hames cane handles glistening in the sunlight.

We decided to offer these unique pieces of history to be used by other means. The handle will start many conversations sitting atop the Hickory Hames cane. This is also a great gift idea for friends or family.

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