Custom Crafted Amish Handmade Golf Cart Box Basket


Custom Crafted Amish Handmade Golf Cart Box Basket, measurements: 40″l x 29″w x 10″h. We received a request for a woven box basket to be custom crafted to fit on the back of a golf cart to allow dogs to be transported safely while out riding around on the golf cart. This box / basket is perfect for carting around supplies or groceries while out running around on the cart. This particular box/basket was crafted for Larry S. in Peachtree City, GA. Handles were placed in particular locations to allow the box to be strapped to the back of the golf cart. The wood trim on the inside of the top of the basket has been curved to insure that there will be no injuries for the small breed dogs that this basket was designed to carry. Contact us to specify any particular design you may need.

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