Cowboy Action Shooting Gun Cart


This is a ready-to-go unfinished Cowboy Action Gun Cart that can easily be pulled across almost any terrain during a historical reenactment. The cart has authentic 14 inch Wooden Wagon Wheels with steel tires and is made out of Maple lumber. There is a place for a double-barrel shotgun and three other shotguns or rifles. The box in the front bottom is designed to carry pistols and ammunition. This box is designed with a fitted dovetail for added strength and durability. (The guns shown are not included or for sale). The rear upright long gun holder is removable for easy storage and transport.

Our gun carts, barn stars, wagon wheels, birdhouses, bird feeders, barnwood items, and baskets are guaranteed to be authentic Old Order Amish hand-crafted products. These one-of-a-kind treasures are not mass-produced in a factory but instead are made on the farms of these talented artisans who chose the simple life by rejecting the modern conveniences of electricity, telephones, automobiles, and so much more. Because these products are all made by hand individually one piece at a time (requiring special skill and effort), there is some variability in each piece. This is not only acceptable, but it also adds to the uniqueness and value of the creation. The second photo below is one of the Cowboy Shooting Carts crafted by our customers for use with the Single Action Shooting Society SASS

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