Authentic Used Amish Wooden Buggy Wagon Wheel from Old Order Amish Buggy


Amish country collectible authentic wagon wheel off an Amish horse buggy carriage from the farming community of Ohio. Size may vary from 34 inches up to 44 inches tall. The standard wheel sizes in our local Old Order Amish communities are 38″for the front wheels and 42″for the rear wheels. Sizes are not guaranteed and cannot be requested. This is a stock photo of a used wheel and will come home to you with small stone chips here and there, rusty iron rims, and a bit of back road dirt. The black paint is now peeling with age. Some of the spokes are worn from the black horses continuously pulling the buggy and transporting the Amish family. The wheel is made of steam bent hickory and iron, and will last for many more years. Excellent for yard décor, up on a country porch, or the end of your drive, use it as a base for tables, chandeliers, or pot hangers in your rustic kitchen. They make great trellises for climbing flowers too. A great old authentic horse buggy carriage wheel with a vibrant country past!

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