Amish Handmade Large Primitive Country Laundry Hamper Basket


Amish handmade large Primitive Country hamper basket. Heavy duty hamper that is designed and crafted of superior quality! Approximately measures 21 1/2 “Wide x 16″Deep x 32″High. Add some country décor charm to your room with this basket while putting the hamper to good use! This is a great unique gift idea for any country home and garden décor. The Amish basket will match any decoration. You choose the accent color scheme. The Amish family will handcraft the basket just for you. It is made to order just as all of the other Amish handmade baskets are. The Amish can handcraft other baskets with the same color scheme that will match this basket and your home and garden décor such as a hot dish basket, single pie basket, double pie carrier basket, picnic basket, flower basket, market basket, fruit basket, wall basket, lazy susan basket or the baby cradle basket. Make sure to sign up to receive free Amish recipes before you leave our Amish Product Home and Garden Country store.

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