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Amish Handcrafted Unfinished Red Oak Wooden Shepherds Staff, Hook or Crook


Amish handcrafted shepherd crook or hook. Measures approximately 66 to 69 inches long and the wood is 3/4 to 1 inch thick. You may also choose the 8 foot version. Made of solid red oak. You will also see numerous depictions in art of Jesus Christ carrying a shepherd’s crook, since he is frequently referred to as the shepherd of Christian followers. Not only does the shepherd’s crook serve as a walking stick, but they may also serve a significant function in the shepherding world. The curved handle is normally wide enough to fit around the neck of a sheep or goat, allowing a herder to catch an animal that is straying and reroute them in a different direction. The hook would also be used to rescue an animal that had slipped out of reach of the shepherd. These staffs are perfect to use in church or school plays. They will last year after year.

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