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Amish Handcrafted Unfinished Bird House Nest Home and Garden Window Observatory


This Amish Handcrafted Bird House Nest Home and Garden Window Observatory is a great conversation piece. The bird house will keep children and adults alike busy and enchanted for hours. Watch the birds build the nest, care for the eggs, care for and feed the young. This Amish made box is very educational. The birdhouse clings to an exterior window with four suction cups. The clear viewing window at the rear of the birdhouse allows observations from inside your residence without disturbing the birds. The box is made of pine. This box is unfinished in plain pine wood so that you can complete the project with a child. They can get the full effect by helping to create the birdhouse home for the baby birds by painting or staining it. We also have this birdhouse with the exterior lightly burnt to bring out the grain then it is stained.


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