Amish Handcrafted Square Double Two Pie Separate Baskets Pie Carriers


Amish Handcrafted Square Double Pie – Two Separate Piece Basket. Each basket measures 11″x 11″x 3.5″and when fitted together it is 7″tall. The bottom basket comes complete with double swinging handles and the top basket stands 7″tall with room underneath when sitting on it’s own. The lid fits either basket perfectly and makes this a very versatile and unique basket that essentially gives you two baskets for the price of one! This basket is wonderful for more than just the pies that it was intended for – use it for brownies, small casseroles, and service ware. It is easy to pack and go with this basket when you need to take a covered dish and your own eating utensils. Design this basket to fit your own décor by selecting up to two accent colors on the drop down box. The basket maker is going to push this basket up just a notch with using sculptured leg pegs instead of the upsplints in the corners of the top basket. You will definitely be getting a top of the line quality basket that will be the talk of any event.


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