3 hole birdhouse


Amish Handmade Home and Garden Collectible Primitive Rustic Country Décor Old barn wood siding and tin roof 3-hole birdhouse, base measures 13 1/2″x 8″, and 13″tall. Provide your feathered friends a safe haven while adding warmth and charm to your home, porch or garden atmosphere. The top roof can be removed by taking out 4 small nails that holds it on. You can then gain access to clean out the old nests from all 3 compartments.
Image is a stock photo. Colors may vary. Natural, Red, and White are most common. Bird entrance holes measure 1 1/2 inches

About the 3 Hole Birdhouse

3 hole birdhouse made with reclaimed barn wood with Old Tin Roof. This birdhouse has three separate bird condo compartments. Remove the small nails from the metal roof to gain access for easy clean out. The colors of the barn wood used to make these houses for our feathery friends will be random as it is not possible to control the color that the barn was last painted years ago before tear down. Barn wood usually is red, white, or natural. If a particular preference in wanted, let us know. We will attempt to accommodate.

The barn wood is sometimes in excess of 100 years old that is used on our barn wood crafts. The photo shown is a sample. Each 3 hole birdhouse is handmade and will have it’s own unique characteristics. The base measures 13 1/2″ x 8″, and 13″ tall. Bird entrance holes are 1.5″ in diameter. The 3 hole birdhouse condo is designed to sit flat on a flat surface. You can install a long wood screw through one of the birdhouse openings into the back and attach it to a wall or fence post.

A little about our Amish friends

The Amish people don’t like to waste anything, so the reclaimed barn wood is hand made into these unique birdhouses. Amish Country Collectible Handmade Primitive Rustic Country Décor is what this family is known for.  The Amish family makes the barn wood items to help supplement their income that they acquire from farming and gathering maple syrup. The Amish children also help in the shop located in their barn. The 3 hole birdhouse is one of the favorite things for the young ones to help with. It is just the right size for them to assist with nailing. The children learn the trade at a very young age. As soon as they can hold a real hammer or screw driver, it is put in their hands and given scrap wood so they can mimic the father.

There are a lot of barn wood and other items throughout the site besides the 3 hole birdhouse. Lastly, please take time to look around and maybe find some gifts of more décor for your home. The Amish families appreciate it.

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