14 Gauge Stainless Steel Snow Guard


14 Gauge stainless steel. NO rust. NO corrosion. Patented design. Snow guard EPDM rubber seal with no caulk needed! These are powder coated to closely match the metal roofing.

Stainless steel. NO Rust. NO Corrode.

Amish Handmade in The United States!

Patended design snow guard!

Purchase 1 or 2000, case quantity is normally 100.

EPDM rubber seal! No caulking needed! Save money and mess!

Mounting screws not included.

16 Gauge Galvanized Steel. No Rust No Corrosion Patented Design Snow Guard EPDM Rubber Seal with No Caulk Needed… Also Known as Sno Defender, Snow Gards, Birds, Shoes, Blocks, and Jacks. Whatever the Name, These Snow Guards are of The Highest Quality and Made by The Amish Community in the USA! Where Quality Matters. Keeps Snow From Sliding Like an Avalanche Off Your Metal Roof. This Style is Not For Standing Seam Metal Roofs.


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