Vegetable Bins

Unfinished Vegetable Bins

Our unfinished vegetable storage bins are uniquely handmade by “Old Order Amish” craftsmen in good ole Ohio, USA. These solid pine vegetable bins are perfect for organizing your home decor while adding a warm country feel. We have vegetable bins with 2 doors, 3 doors, screen doors, plexiglass doors, and even with bread boxes on the tops!

Use them to store potatoes, onions, bread, and even kitchen appliances. Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to the kitchen, use them to hold cat or dog food, shoe storage in your entryway, craft supplies, kids toys and coloring books, toiletries in the bathroom. You are only limited to your imagination!

Now, dive into the advantages of purchasing unfinished vegetable storage bins and other versatile uses by scrolling below the images!

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Benefits to Buying Unfinished Vegetable Bins:

  • Customization:
    • Unfinished vegetable storage bins allow you to personalize the look to match your kitchen or home decor. You can paint, stain, or distress them according to your taste.
  • Creative Project:
    • Finishing the bin becomes a satisfying DIY project. You can involve family members or enjoy the creative process yourself.
  • Cost-Effective:
    • Unfinished furniture is often more affordable than pre-finished options. You save money upfront and have the flexibility to finish it yourself.
  • Sustainable:
    • These bins not only offer a sustainable storage solution but also allow for creative customization to fit your home’s decor.
  • Natural Aesthetics:
    • The raw wood grain of unfinished bins adds a rustic, natural charm. It complements farmhouse, cottage, or country-style interiors.

Here are some other creative ideas for using the storage bins:

  • Craft Supplies Organizer: Keep your yarn, knitting needles, or other craft supplies neatly organized in the bins. Their open design makes it easy to access items.
  • Shoe Storage: Place the bins near your entryway to store shoes. The rustic look adds charm to your mudroom or foyer.
  • Bathroom Essentials: Use them to hold towels, toiletries, or extra toilet paper. The unfinished wood complements a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Pet Food Station: Store pet food, treats, and bowls in the bins. Customize them with your pet’s name or paw prints.
  • Kids’ Toy Bin: Organize toys, coloring books, or art supplies. You can even paint fun designs on the unfinished surface.

Remember, unfinished vegetable storage bins offer both practicality and room for your creativity!

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